What I have learnt in 2022 as a full stack developer.

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What I have learnt in 2022 as a full stack developer.

This blog is about my learnings that I need to share with you as a 3rd year grad.

  1. Explore as much as you can:

    This is the thing you should keep doing for the rest of your life, not the 3rd year specifically. Exploring will help you take a look around regarding what trends are going on in the tech world, afterall you have to compete with millions of other people in the industry, so you should know what is going around and how you can standout yourself in the market.

  2. Dont let your college dictate you:

    From my point of view, schools and college are just bubbles and in your childhood you play in that bubble, once you are graduated, you eventually find out, there is a whole different world and let me tell you, that world is real where you will get to know that what college taught you was nothing but a lie. There is huge gap between what college teaches you and what company demands from you. In college, you will meet many folks who are influenced by the college and will do what the authority says, then eventually they end up getting packages around 4-5 LPA, thats it. Focus on building your skills and dont try to score highest, save your time for more other productive work instead.

  3. Always Keep Networking :

    As a professional, you should be aware of your maket value as you would clearly know what you bring to the table. Your market value will vary around the globe, so pick whats best for you, for that purpose networking is important. A person having a good networking in his professional life, will always has an edge.

  4. Be flexible with your skillset:

    There are some people who believe that "pick a skill and master it!" but in todays world no one is looking for a mastery, infact to be a successful developer you need to acquire more than one skill. So, keep your calm and do not get overwhelm working on a particular technology, as a developer you have to upgrade or switch into new technology as per demands of the industry. So no need to fall in love with the technology, otherwise you will end up hating transitioning for your better future. At the end I would say "Dont love or feel attached with the technology, love your growth instead". Growth should be your dopamine choose it above any other thing.

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